Thursday Ski Tigers

Please note: Thursday Tigers is tentative until a coach/leader steps forward; otherwise we will not be able to offer this program.

Do you wish you could spend more time on skis? Are you interested in ski racing but still too young for the middle school/high school race team? If you like to ski the fastest trails, tuck the biggest hills, jump the bumpiest jumps and play the silliest games, then Thursday Tigers may be for you !

Thursday Tigers will meet once a week, after school (Thursdays 4:15-5:30pm) and will alternate between Michigan Tech and Swedetown. This group does NOT take the place of your Saturday Ski Tiger session but is in addition to it. The main focus is fun! This is not a formal ski lesson or a race workout but is an opportunity to goof around on skis with other kids who like to ski. Although there is no age restriction for Thursday Tigers, it is intended to be for those skiers who:

were in RED or above last year
are not ready for the ms/hs team
are proficient skaters
can ski 5k-8k in an hour
LOVE to ski - wants to be there

Soon we will add a contact person to help you get involved on Thursdays!