2013-14 Ski Tiger Calendar

Ski Tiger Color Groups Updated 12/30/13
January 4 Michigan Tech Trails
January 11 Michigan Tech Trails
January 18 Swedetown Trails
January 25 Michigan Tech Trails
February 1 Swedetown Trails
February 8 Maasto Hiihto Trail
February 9 Encouraged Participation: Barneloppet, Maasto Hiihto Trail
February 15 Nara Nature Trails
February 22 Swedetown Trails
March 1 Michigan Tech Trails (last official color group meeting)
March 7 Friday evening - Jr. Bear Chase (entry prepaid for all Ski Tigers) - Swedetown Trails
March 15 Picnic in the snow - Swedetown Trails
March/April Award Banquet/Party – TBD
Special Note: Please be prompt and on the trails ready to ski by 1:00pm. We try to avoid standing around in the cold weather, we rather be out skiing and having fun!

Race Team Calendar
December 14-15 Houghton GLD JNQ (Comp)
December 17 Lakeland Invitational, Minocqua, WI (Comp + Devo)
December 21-22 Wausau MW JNQ (JN Comp)
January 11 Mesabi Invite (Comp)
January 18-19 Telemark MW/GLD JNQ (JN Comp)
January 24 Jr. Noque, Marquette, MI (Comp + Devo)
February 1-2 Ishpeming GLD JNQ (Comp)
February 8 Barnelopet, Hancock, MI (Devo)
February 14-15 Michigan State Championships (Comp)
February 21 Jr. Birkie, Cable, WI (Devo)
March 1 Squirrel Hill Pursuit & Beat the Bunny Races, Minocqua, WI (??)
March 7 Jr. Bear Chase, Calumet, MI (Devo)
March 8 Great Bear Chase, Calumet, MI (Comp?)
March 7-9 J2 Championships (JN Comp)
March 3-8 USSA Junior National Championships (JN Comp)